Diseases that Harm Require Therapies that Harm Less

---Sir William Osler(1849-1919)
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Treatment for Vulva and Cervical Diseases: New Options

2022 APAGE-ISMIVS HIFU Series Webinars


The 3rd episode of 2022 APAGE-ISMIVS HIFU Series Webinars, themed "Treatment for vulva and cervical diseases: new options", was successfully held on July, 21st. This episode, chaired by Dr. Peng-Teng Chua and Prof. Felix Wong, shed light on new options for treating vulva and cervical diseases.

The seminar was joined by Prof. Chyi-long Lee, Prof. Li Chengzhi, Prof. Apolikhina Inna Anatolievna and Dr. Teterina Tatiana, and Prof. Kuan-Gen Huang. In opening remarks, Prof. Chyi-long Lee, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of APAGE, stressed the significance of the Webinars in sharing knowledge and experience and delivering the latest development in gynaecology and expressed his sincere hope for a fruitful event.

Prof. Li Chengzhi from Chongqing Medical University discussed focused ultrasound surgery (FUS) as a new way to treat high-risk HPV infection and CIN. At first, she introduced the principles and characteristics of FUS and stressed its advantages in real-time monitoring and dose adjustment, and then made a detailed presentation on the application of focused ultrasound in HR-HPV infection and CIN, including the indications and contraindications, preparation before the treatment and how to carry out the therapy. She also shared some clinical observations of FU therapy for cervical diseases and compared FUS with laser, drug and other therapies. At last, she showed some cases and the pathological changes in the cervix before and after FUS, reaching the conclusion that focused ultrasound can safely and effectively treat HR-HPV infection and cervical lesions.