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---Sir William Osler(1849-1919)
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ISMIVS Newsletter August, 2020
Newsletter 2020 August
2020 年 8 月简报
About Us 国际微无创医学会简介
The International Society of Minimally Invasive and Virtual Surgery (ISMIVS, previously known as International Society of Minimally Invasive and Noninvasive Medicine) was founded in July 2013 at the gala of the 1st Yangtze International Summit of Minimally Invasive and Noninvasive Medicine in Chongqing, China. ISMIVS envisions to accelerating the progress in minimally invasive and noninvasive medicine by promoting research, education, communication, and international collaboration.
国际微无创医学会(ISMIVS)是在 2013 年 7 月在中国重庆召开的第一届国际微无创医学长江高峰论坛上宣布成立的,旨在通过学术研究、教育、交流以及国际合作加快微无创医学的发展。
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The Personality in the Medical Education World 医学教育界的大人物
From the July issue of our ISMIVS Newsletter, we would like to introduce some pioneers in the field of minimally-invasive and noninvasive medicine. They are not only prestigious in their field but also willing to share their experience and ideas with younger doctors, hence making great contribution to medical education. In this issue, we are going to introduce Dr. Sevellaraja Supermaniam (Dr. Selva) and share with you some of his video presentations.
从 7 月刊开始,国际微无创医学会(ISMIVS)将为大家介绍微无创医学领域的一些领军人物。他们不仅在各自的领域享负盛名,而且非常乐意与年轻医生分享他们的经验、理念和想法,从而为医学教育做出了巨大的贡献。本月刊要介绍的医学教育界的大人物是马来西亚的 Sevellaraja Supermaniam 医生(简称 Dr S. Selva,塞尔瓦医生)。
Dr S. Selva (Sevellaraja Supermaniam)
塞尔瓦医生(Dr. S. Selva,全名 Sevellaraja Supermaniam)
Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist 妇产科顾问医师
Subspecialist in Reproductive Medicine 生殖医学专家
Head of O&G unit and the IVF Centre 妇产科主任、生殖中心主任
Mahkota Medical Center, Melaka, Malaysia 马来西亚马六甲州仁爱医院
Past President of the Asia Pacific Association of Gynaecological Endoscopy (APAGE).
Board Member of the International Society of Gynaecological Endoscopy (ISGE)
Past President of the Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society of Malaysia and currently chairs its endoscopic subcommittee and is involved in promoting gynaecological endoscopic surgery in Malaysia.
Dr. S. Selva has also won numerous awards for video presentations in laparoscopic surgery at the annual Malaysian Congress of O&G
马来西亚妇产科学会(OGSM)往届年会主席、现 OGSM 腔镜分会主席、马来西亚妇科腔镜技术手术的积极推广者
Please click the following links for some of his video presentations
1. uterine vein tear and how to deal with it 子宫静脉撕裂及处理方法
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jebQTDYrX70 or
2. Prevention of pelvic adhesions after TLH 预防腹腔镜全子宫切除术后盆腔粘连
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=naR0tOVWqt4 or
3. Total laparoscopic hysterectomy for stage 3 and 4 endometriosis 腹腔镜全子宫切除术治疗子宫内膜异位症三期、四期
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhpEJl15uSQ or
4. Tips and tricks in performing laparoscopic surgery-port placement 腹腔镜手术 port 放置的要点及技巧
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yctK-BttbOk or
5. Different techniques of insertion of the first trocar 首个套管针插入的不同技巧
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0PwZKDmkf8 or
For more video presentations of Dr S. Selva, please follow melakafertility on Youtube, or find Sevellaraja Supermaniam on LinkedIn and Facebook.
欲观看更多教学视频,请在领英和脸书关注 Sevellaraja Supermaniam,或在油管平台上关注 melakafertility。
If you have any queries about the videos, please send email to. drsselva@gmail.com
如对视频有疑问,请邮件联系: drsselva@gmail.com
News 新闻
MOGS Virtual Conference Conflict to Clarity: Focus on Controversial Gynecological Issues
At the invitation of the Mumbai Obstetric & Gynecological Society (MOGS), Prof.Rudy Leon De Wilde, Chief Medical Officer of the Pius-Hospital, Medical Campus University Oldenburg, Germany and Director and Past President of European Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy (ESGE), and Prof. Hugo C. Verhoeven, Medical Director at the Private Center for Reproductive Medicine, Endocrinology, Genetics and Anti-Aging Medicine in Dusseldorf, Germany and Chair of ESGE Working Group on Non-surgical ablative therapy of benign uterine disease, introduced high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) as a non-surgical ablative therapy of adenomyois on August 30, 2020. It was a MOGS Virtual Conference on the theme of Conflict to Clarity: Focus on Controversial Gynecological Issues.
2020 年 8 月 30 日,印度孟买妇产科协会(MOGS)召开线上会议,邀请众多国际妇产科专家探讨妇科领域争议性问题。德国奥尔登堡大学医学院医疗总管(Chief Medical Officer)、奥尔登堡大学教授、欧洲妇科腔镜协会(ESGE)前主席鲁迪·里昂·德·王尔德(Rudy Leon De Wilde)教授与德国知名内分泌中心医学主任、欧洲妇科内镜协会 ESGE“子宫良性疾病非手术消融技术”工作组主席雨果·C·维霍文(Hugo C. Verhoeven)教授受邀参会,把高强度聚焦超声(HIFU)作为一种非手术消融治疗方式用于子宫腺肌症的治疗。
For the playback of the speeches, please click the link below:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PH3Epy5nBw or
ISMIVS joined ASFMS Academy Webinar
The Interntional Society of Minimally Invasive and Virtual Surgery(ISMIVS) joined the Arabic Society of Fetal Medicine and Surgery (ASFMS) in holding the ASFMS Academy Webinar on August 13, 2020. Dr. Jordi Rodriguez, Senior HIFU Physician of HIFU Center of University Hospital Mutua de Terrassa (HMT), Barcelona, Spain, was invited to review the effect of high intensity focused ultrasound ablation of uterine fibroid on female fertility. The clinical outcomes indicate that USg-HIFU seems to be the first therapeutic option with many advantages over myomectomy and uterine artery embolization in women with uterine fibroids and gestational desire.
2020 年 8 月 13 日,国际微无创医学会(ISMIVS)与阿拉伯胎儿医学与外科协会(ASFMS)共同举办阿拉伯胎儿医学与外科学术研讨会。国际微无创医学会邀请了西班牙巴塞罗那特拉萨大学医院 HIFU 中心高级医师乔迪·罗德里格斯(Jordi Rodriguez)医生分享了 HIFU 治疗子宫肌瘤对女性生育的影响。临床转归表明超声引导的 HIFU 治疗有生育需求的子宫肌瘤患者似乎优于子宫肌瘤剔除术和子宫动脉栓塞术。
For the playback of the webinar, please click the link below:
https://youtu.be/zWnRBTv7EoU or http://live.99zigong.com/index.php?g=portal&m=video&a=index&id=913
A Live Webinar by PSGE on Myoma Uteri: Options in Management
Philippine Society for Gynecologic Endoscopy (PSGE) convened a live webinar on August 5, 2020, focusing on the minimally invasive and noninvasive techniques for the management of uterine fibroids. Dr. LEE Keen Whye, a founding member of the Asia-Pacific Association for Gynecologic Endoscopy and Minimally Invasive Therapy (APAGE), was invited to share his view on and experience in non-invasive high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) ablation of uterine fibroids. In his opinion, from minimally invasive surgery to noninvasive surgery, HIFU is revolutionary and disruptive.
2020 年 8 月 5 日,菲律宾妇科腔镜协会(PSGE)举办了线上会议,与同道探讨治疗子宫肌瘤的微无创技术。亚太妇产科内视镜暨微创治疗医学会(APAGE)创始董事李建威医生受邀发表演讲,分享其对高强度聚焦超声(HIFU)消融治疗子宫肌瘤的观点及应用经验。李医生认为, 从微创手术到无创手术,HIFU 是一项具有革命性和颠覆性的技术。
For the playback of the webinar, please click the link below:
 or http://live.99zigong.com/index.php?g=portal&m=video&a=index&id=915
IGES - ISMIVS HIFU (IIH) Webinar 2020
暨 2020 高强度聚焦超声消融技术手术(HIFU)线上研讨会
Click here to register

Time: Sunday Sept 27, 2020 3:00-5:00 P.M. Western Indonesia Time / GMT+7
Tech Update 微无创技术新进展
Percutaneous cryoablation of abdominal wall endometriosis: the Mayo Clinic approach
经皮冷冻消融治疗腹壁子宫内膜异位症:Mayo Clinic(梅奥医学中心)方法
The latest approach of the Mayo Clinic experience with Percutaneous cryoablation of symptomatic Abdominal wall endometriosis (AWE) has drawn much attention in the field of gynecologic surgery. The authors described their experience treating three patients with AWE with combined US/CT-guided cryoablation and found substantially decreased pain scores and narcotic requirements during short-term follow up. They reported successful treatment of 15 AWE lesions with longer-term follow up (mean 22.5 months) and found cryoablation had shorter hospital stays, lower complication rate, durable pain relief, and comparable effectiveness when compared to surgical resection.
Mayo Clinic 近期发表最新研究文章,分享其应用经皮冷冻消融治疗有症状的子宫内膜异位症(AWE)的方法与经验,在妇科手术领域引起广泛关注。文章作者结合超声(US)/计算机断层扫描(CT)引导的冷冻消融治疗了 3 位 AWE 患者,在短期随访中发现疼痛评分和镇痛需求显著降低。长期随访(平均随访 22.5 个月)显示 15 个 AWE 病灶已被消融;此外,与手术切除相比,冷冻消融的住院时间更短、并发症发生率更低、疼痛缓解效果持久、有效性相当。
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First Reported Use of Radiofrequency Identification (RFID) Technique for Targeted Excision of
Suspicious Axillary Lymph Nodes in Early Stage Breast Cancer - Evaluation of Feasibility and
Review of Current Recommendation
The study analyzed 10 consecutive patients where RFID technique was used for intraoperative detection of suspicious LNs without preceding neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NACT). It compared the specifics of these procedures to 10 consecutive sentinel lymph node biopsies (SLNB) in the cN0 situation. Intraoperative detection rate (DR) for the RFID-labeled target lymph node (TLN) was 100%. The use of the RFID technique for intraoperative localization of axillary LNs for targeted excision seems feasible.
该研究分析了 10 例患者,使用 RFID 技术于术中检测疑似淋巴结(LN),而在此之前没有采用新辅助化疗(NACT)。研究将这些手术细节与 10 例 cN0 患者行前哨淋巴结活检(SLNB)进行对比。RFID 标记目标淋巴结(TLN)的术中检测率为 100%。使用 RFID 技术进行术中定位腋窝淋巴结从而进行靶向切除似乎是可行的。
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International Guidelines on HIFU in OBGYN 国际妇科领域与HIFU相关的临床指南
HIFU included into the FIGO Guidelines for Placenta Accreta
In 2018, the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO) published FIGO consensus guidelines on placenta accreta spectrum (PAS) disorders: Conservative management, consisting of the introduction to PAS disorders, epidemiology, prenatal diagnosis and screening, and conservative management for PAS disorders.
2018 年,国际妇产科联盟(FIGO)发布了胎盘植入性疾病(placenta accreta spectrum disorders,PAS)指南,该指南由疾病介绍、流行病学、产前诊断和筛查、非保守手术治疗以及保守治疗构成。
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The 2018 FIGO Guidelines introduces a study on high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) treatment of PAS disorders after vaginal delivery, which was led by Dr. Hongbo Qi from Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the First Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University, Chongqing, China. Entitled High-intensity focused ultrasound treatment of placenta accreta after vaginal delivery: a preliminary study, the study included 12 women with PAS disorders. The average period of residual placental involution was 36.9 days. HIFU treatment did not increase the risk of infection or hemorrhage and no patient required hysterectomy.
2018 FIGO 指南介绍了一项高强度聚焦超声(HIFU)治疗阴道分娩后的胎盘植入性疾病的初步研究。该研究由重庆医科大学附属第一医院妇产科漆洪波教授领衔主导。这项包括 12 例 PAS 患者使用 HIFU 治疗的研究提示,残留胎盘退化的平均时间为 36.9 天。HIFU 治疗未增加感染或出血的风险,也没有患者需要切除子宫,疗效值得肯定。
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